Glenn Clark
Glenn Clark

Well above Albany, tucked between Vermont and Canada, sits Long Lake. This picturesque town in the Adirondacks boasts history including the birthplace of Great Camps Architecture and being one of the original vacation spots in the 1800s. The Travel Video Alliance spoke to their tourism director, Alexandra Roalsvig, for more on capturing the lush wilderness using drone footage, how video plays into their marketing strategy, and more.

What is the approach and goal of the “You won’t BELIEVE your EYES! Long Lake and Raquette Lake, NY, the Adirondacks in all it’s glory!” video? How does it interact with your larger brand as a whole? 

Our goal is to showcase and highlight the fall foliage and breathtaking vistas of Long Lake and Raquette Lake to entice new visitors to discover our little corner of the Adirondacks in upstate New York. Using a drone we were able to capture the all-encompassing lush wilderness surrounding us from a birds-eye perspective.  We sought to highlight the beauty of our waterways, the drama of our waterfalls and highlight our iconic mountains in our breathtaking landscape and our one-of-a-kind seaplane rides and historic dining boat cruise and Great Camps.  Our “brand” is quintessential small town meets the great outdoors of the Adirondacks, a tapestry of public and private land, a one-of a kind six million acre protected park in the Northeastern United States of upstate New York.  Long Lake, as a destination, invites visitors to have a transformative, restorative outdoor recreational experience.  Whether it’s a gentle, quiet walk in the woods, paddling on a calm lake, soaring in the skies in a seaplane or reconnecting with the forest, a visit to our communities will infuse the visitor with a fresh perspective and rejuvenate the soul.  This video showcases the breadth of the Adirondacks and allows the imagination to wander to greater heights. This is one of our most ambitious projects and is the jumping off point and we look forward to producing longer form videos featuring winter and summer activities in the year to come.

How does video development work at Long Lake? Is your video team in house? 

Traditionally for small projects the Long Lake tourism video team consists of one person, me, Alexandra Roalsvig, Daytime Emmy Winner in 2007 and Tourism Director for the Town of Long Lake since 2009.  Traditionally I use an on-the-go Canon T3i Rebel, iPhone 8 and in-house editing on a MacBook Pro using iMovie or on my iPhone for fast turnaround. For this specialized promotional project, I reached out to a marketing company, Crafting A Brand, hailing from Rochester, New York featuring the producing, directing and editing skills of Glenn Clark and New York State certified Drone Videographer, Mike Bradley.

Who is the target audience for your digital content?

Our target is our visitors is the “rubber-tire, market.” Long Lake is five hours north of New York City, three hours south of Montreal, Canada, and we attract visitors from western New York including the markets of Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse. We also reach the Albany, NY area and Northern, New Jersey. Our tourism office of three always collaborates with our neighboring communities in our region to attract new visitors, multi-generational families, international tourists, and the traveler who truly wants to experience something unique.  We offer an affordable, quaint, unique vacation experience and we are open year-round.  We are not flashy or glitzy.  We are back to basics, simplicity. Take a paddle, casual hike, grab a beer and burger and relax in front of the fire.  We are your home away from home in a rustic setting.

What trends do you see in how and where people travel?

Overall we’ve experienced record visitation in the Adirondacks. Visitors are feverish to experience outdoor recreation, hiking the mountains and fire towers, getting outdoors and back to basics, just to unplug from the chaos of urban living. We have an abundant amount of opportunities for all explorers of all experience levels. Hiking, paddling, fishing, in the warmer seasons, and skating, snowmobiling and cross-country skiing in the winter.  We have some of the most pristine, untouched wilderness in the United States.  We also boast an incredible amount of American history including the birthplace of Great Camps Architecture and the original “vacation” after  an influx of visitors discovered the region in the late 1800’s after “vacating” the oppressive heat and overcrowding  of New York City and the original “vacation” was born on the shores Raquette Lake.

What role does video content play in your overall marketing and brand strategy?

Over the last ten years we’ve increased our video production and there is always room for growth. We broadcast live from our events on our IGTV Instagram feed @mylonglake and on and we continue to build out more content on our youtube channel Long Lake Tourism. I always shoot video at our year-round events, from the the US Waterski Show Team exhibition, the Adirondack Canoe Classic Paddling Race, the Polar Plunge for St. Jude Children’s Hospital, two Winter Carnivals, fireworks and more. The videos highlight the people, places and events capturing our playfulness and our beauty. Video content drives an increase in our visitor engagement, we get more website clicks on, more Facebook traffic, more social media conversations, it really leverages the personal experience for our visitors. Everyone feels like they are part of the community and they have something to say about it. By utilizing featured video content with longer lengths leverages the dreaming vacationer and engages them during their planning phase. Our social media fans crave content and being able to showcase it from the dashboard of my car or the perch off my fishing boat, we use video to put people right there, as if it’s their own personal experience. In 2020 we will be making more efforts to do interviews, feature local businesses and lodging, showcasing more outdoor recreation experiences and the personalities in our community, we think a mixture of content will show all sides of our towns and we can’t wait to get started.   In the year to come we will look to increase our video views, time watched and gain more traffic on our website.

How do you measure and track the success of a video? What KPI’s do you look for?

Our goal is always to drive traffic to our website and to our business pages.  We keep an eye on the traffic on our website, which is driven by our social media feeds, which then we leverage to track visits to our events and lodging pages.  Our goal is always to drive our visitors to discover what else we have in our community and see that we are a small town, with a big heart and everyone is welcome. After posting videos on our social channels we see an uptick in webcam views, lodging, dining and event pages. People are discovering us. You may have to drive an extra mile to get here, but anyone that comes and stays for one night or one week makes a memory for a lifetime and they usually comes back, with friends.  Feeling Long Lakey is our brand and we welcome everyone to visit and invent their own vacation in the heart of the Adirondack mountains.

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