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NMG Network has a plan — they want to empower the modern mindset through dynamic storytelling that fosters the understanding of cultures. The Travel Video Awards spoke with them about travel trends, their Hawaii based series Night Riders, and more.

What was the concept behind the InFlux series? 

The INFLUX series is where we add a further visual dimension to the storytelling found in the printed pages of FLUX magazine, The Current of Hawaii. Through video, we want to show the audience an experience, person, or place they might not otherwise have access to and reveals a side of the islands that surprises or shifts viewers perception of Hawai‘i. 

In this themed series, be immersed in the dynamic energy of the Hawaiian Islands, where culture is ever evolving and always moving forward—a diverse place of influx. 

How involved is NMG with developing any of the content on the network? 

Our team develops the majority of the content you see on the NMG Network, including editorial stories and original video content that we produce and distribute throughout our channels. Our mission is to empower the modern mindset through dynamic storytelling; with a vision to be a global leader in content development (targeted towards the luxury and hospitality space) that fosters the understanding of cultures and improves the lifestyle/experience of our audiences and partners. 

 How was the Night Rider episode developed? 

The episode was based on a photo essay about night surfing by our senior photographer, John Hook. As with a lot of our content, it came about quite organically. Surfer Cliff Kapono was in town with videographer Evan Schell and there happened to be a south swell that week. It was just a matter of meeting up in Waikiki and letting them both do their thing in the water. 

Who is the target audience for your digital content? 

Our mission is to empower the modern mindset. This includes a highly targeted luxury travel audience for whom we create custom content on behalf of our hospitality partners and clients, but ultimately for globally minded audiences who care about the greater community and appreciate cultural connections. 

What trends do you see in how and where people travel? 

Wellness trends in travel with the increasing amount of apps, wellness branded hotels, and wellness services and getaways. 

We’re also seeing Millennials and other generations gravitating towards an experience economy, preferring to spend their money on travel and life experiences. Search and discovery through social media and other platforms contribute to the increasing frequency and number of trips taken by Millennials as they also post their own travel experiences in the moment. 

How does NMG work with and select its partners? 

At our core, we are a team who is ever-curious about the world, creative in our process, and passionate about giving back to our greater community. We strive to partner with companies and people/filmmakers/creatives/marketers who have aligned values. From a business perspective, we are committed to developing highly targeted distribution platforms and unique editorial and multimedia content for our travel, hospitality and high-end residential partners. We also strive to create engaging content and experiences for our guests / viewers which comprise an audience of global travelers (who engage with our content and enjoy the experiences and connections they make while attending our events). In a sense, this omni-channel model creates value for our partners and solidifies the connections they have with each other in creating unique connections through a consistent touchpoint our audience. 

How do you measure and track the success of a video? KPIs? 

In addition to measuring digital metrics we define the success of a video when people are engaged and inspired enough to take action after viewing. An example of this is the direct impact on sales and inquiries from a video’s call to action which we hear about from our partners. The increase in calls to the concierge desk for surf lessons, or the 15% uplift in visits to featured galleries within the story. There was even an instance of a guest who ended up commissioning 3 paintings from a parapeligic artist we featured. It’s these stories that help us define the videos success and real impact, especially for our largest distribution channels which are D2C linear in-room tv channels. 


How are consumers interacting with your brand? 

Depending on the individual and their point of discovery, there are multiple ways people interact with our brands. For example, on the street level we produce events so they connect with our brands by attending curated activations, parties, pop-up shops or concerts, they also engage by watching our video content on TV while in their hotel room, through social media, reading one of our magazines, or by viewing our video content available through any of our digital platforms/websites, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. 

Does NMG have plans to expand beyond digital content? 

Yes, NMG is a highly targeted luxury and hospitality media network with diversified distribution platforms. In addition to our digital platforms, we currently produce and distribute content through: print publications, linear TV channels and meaningful experiences for travelers and others through event production. 

Just to provide you with some additional background – In 2009, Nella Media Group began as the publisher of Chinatown Newspaper, an urban rag for Honolulu’s downtown district. From these humble beginnings, NMG has grown to become NMG Network, a leading video, digital, social, and print network reaching an audience of more than 4.5 million people across multiple TV channels of custom content; 11 publications with in-depth stories and captivating photography; and multiple experiential events across the U.S. and internationally, including concerts, pop-up shops and galleries. NMG is committed to developing highly targeted distribution platforms and unique editorial and multimedia content for its travel, hospitality and high-end residential partners. The company brings an in-depth understanding of luxury demographics and distribution outlets. 

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